Captain Clark welcomes you aboard (angstzeit) wrote in back_in_my_day,
Captain Clark welcomes you aboard

Geeky computer recollections

It all started with the Trash-80 I borrowed for the weekend from my high school computer club. Though it would be quite a few years before I owned my own computer I managed to find others to use. The first I owned was a Commodore 128D. Impressive looking at the time (to me anyway). Went a long way to helping me get through college. My typing skills are lousy (worse then) so being able to edit saved me huge amounts of time. And who didn't love playing with margins to squeeze some extra pages for a term paper. Then graphs and pictures--worth a thousand words! ;)

The power supply finally crapped out on it so I got my first PC. A Gateway 2000 286-20. That's 20 Mhz baby! Not that slow 16. I had a friend who had gotten a similar machine just before and he had a friend who was an experienced computer geek. So we were getting new software from this guy it seemed like every day. We loved it. I found the local bulletin boards. Experience the excitement of connecting to the outside world. Downloading at 2400 baud. Took forever but that was the best there was for the average user. Then Compuserve before the Web took off.

I remember when I discovered what the BIOS was. Disturbingly, that was when the BIOS forgot everything and I had to figure out how to put the information back in.

That was the last computer I bought complete. After that I have put together and upgraded many computers for myself and others. I often feel sorry for young people who never experienced the days of very slow computers. Even though I curse when my computer slows down, I know how much worse it could be.
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