Captain Clark welcomes you aboard (angstzeit) wrote in back_in_my_day,
Captain Clark welcomes you aboard


As a collector of things, I find myself becoming an anachronism.

At some point I realized the answer to the rhetorical joke question, If you had everything, where would you put it? That answer being: Right where it is now. You would get it when you needed it. The lesson is that for most of human history possession equaled timely access. You owned things you needed and if you had the means, you owned things you would need in the future, or even might need in the future.

But it is fast becoming an "on-demand" world. Obviously, media is already there in large part. Netflix gives me access to a huge number of movies and shows, some that I can get instantly. The internet has made many home reference materials obsolete with information available at all times. But Ebay has even made most objects available all the time--even somewhat rare things. The bottom line being there is less and less reason to own things.

But I can't shake that desire for ownership. It just feels good. I imagine the kids growing up now will see ownership differently than I do. I doubt the desire to own will go away, but I don't think it will be the same.
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